Thank you for visiting! I offer mobile grooming for dogs on the North Shore. Please see the Mobile Grooming tab if you’re looking for a list of towns I serve.

I am a Fear Free Certified Groomer. Fear Free Pets is a program for working with pets in a way that reduces fear, anxiety and stress associated with grooming. This is an excellent method for working with all dogs, but I have appreciated it especially when grooming senior dogs, dogs with a history of anxiety around grooming, and dogs with behavioral issues or reactivity. I’m always looking to find new, better ways to help your pet.

Whether you’re looking to get a bath for a short-haired dog, a full groom for a long-haired dog, or some a la carte services, I’m happy to help! Please see the details page for service options and prices. At this time, I am not accepting dogs over sixty pounds. Appointments are available for new clients on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

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